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Black Knight of Hogwarts Ch.1 :iconleonaisfrostwind:LeonaisFrostwind 0 0
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Black Knight of Hogwarts Prologue :iconleonaisfrostwind:LeonaisFrostwind 0 0


Zutara New Year 2013 by beanaroony Zutara New Year 2013 :iconbeanaroony:beanaroony 849 33 Commission: Darkmire by Belvane Commission: Darkmire :iconbelvane:Belvane 43 10 Warcraft Quick Portraits: Nazveroth by Belvane Warcraft Quick Portraits: Nazveroth :iconbelvane:Belvane 27 1 Commission: Stormwind Medics by Belvane Commission: Stormwind Medics :iconbelvane:Belvane 46 19 Royalty by nymre Royalty :iconnymre:nymre 506 31
Illidan and Tyrande forbidden love.
Tyrande sitting on her bed with that window open trying her best to figure out how she was going to lead the night elf race.  She moved her long hair out of her face and noticed the window was now closed only she got to her feet.
"Tell me who is there?" Her voice had sounded anger that someone would dear come into her bedroom like this.
"You have nothing to fear or worry about, it's just me Tyrande." She turned around to face Illidan only he didn't have his wings or hoofs anymore. He looked like a night elf with his blindfold still around his eyes.
"How are you still alive?" Tears started coming down her eyes because she though he was killed only he was standing in front of her once more, it was like a dream to her.
"I won't ever stay down because I'll always be here for you no matter what." He walked over to her with his hand moved against her right cheek slowly rubbing it before he wipe away the cries she had been crying so hard.
"It's not too late to make things right, I still
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Zutara by rikusumi Zutara :iconrikusumi:rikusumi 5,465 650 Burden of the Prince by Jakemono Burden of the Prince :iconjakemono:Jakemono 126 18 Escape by SaberMay Escape :iconsabermay:SaberMay 50 4 Death Knight by krysdecker Death Knight :iconkrysdecker:krysdecker 2,045 173 Female Death Knight by GlennRaneArt Female Death Knight :iconglennraneart:GlennRaneArt 6,581 250
Reasons I like Zutara over ...
WARNING!!! This is can be very rant-y!
Why Zutara over Kataang?
First off, I'm going to start with Katara and Aang. Before I do, let me repeat that this is all based off of my beliefs and opinions. Katara is a maternal figure that takes care of all the members of the group, the only characters excluded were Zuko and Suki (I'll get into that later). She was most maternal towards Aang. She treated him like a son, a brother, and a god-like hero. Very rarely, I want to say twice (the headband being the only time that came to mind), has she treated him like someone she was genuinely attracted to. Sure Mae Whitman SAID that there was a crush, but the staff behind A:tLA failed to SHOW that connection. In the hierarchy of their team, Katara was mother/sister, Aang was child (and a self admitted one at that).
There was no equality in the relationship, at all. Katara either treated him as her son/baby brother, a status lower than hers, or she treated him like her hero, a status higher then hers.
:iconanimeiija:Animeiija 37 72
Chapter 1- Dreadful News...
Chapter 1; Dreadful News
It was morning as the Paladin, Prince Arthas, son of the king of Lordaeron, and Archmage Jaina Proudmoore made it to the village of Hearthglen with their meager troops.
"Hearthglen, finally. I could use some rest." Jaina said exhasperatedly. She was not used to walking such a distance.
Arthas raised his head slightly, hearing the faint yells of training soldiers, and the gunshots of riflemen as they came upon the village, "It sounds like they're preparing for battle." He said.
A foot soldier came running up to the pair, "Prince Arthas!" He exclaimed, "During the night, a vast army of undead warriors emerged, and began attacking villages at random! Now they're heading this way!"
"Damn it..." Arthas cursed, turning to Jaina, "Jaina, I'll stay here and protect the village. Go as quickly as you can and tell Lord Uther what has happened here."
"Go. Every second counts." He said sternly. She nodded, and ran off into the trees, portaling out.
Arthas started t
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The God of Death Fanfic Cast by IAmAtrocity The God of Death Fanfic Cast :iconiamatrocity:IAmAtrocity 1 0


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Last Chapter Summary: Harry Potter has returned to England through the Veil of Death in the Department of Mysteries nine weeks after he fell through it. After being taken to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries for treatment, Delores Umbridge, the former Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic, goes to kill Harry in a deluded sense of duty. However, Harry wakes up and brutally murders Umbridge before walking out of the hospital.

Song for the Chapter: "Open Your Eyes" by Disturbed (Immortalized, 2015)

"You're paralyzed with your disguise.
You feed on the lies that they tell you.
Got to break away, from the numbing pain.
Succumb to the rage that's inside you.
You're hypnotized, demoralized...
...Believe every lie that they sell you.
Start channeling whatever will remains...
...Discern from what's fiction and what is true."

Chapter I: Death Knight on the Loose

Privet Drive, Surrey, England

    Having exited the hospital, Kail Bloodfang found himself walking down the street of Privet Drive. Despite it being the middle of the day, the entire street was deserted, which struck the Death Knight as odd. He had expected to see some hustle and bustle, but dead silence would do just fine. After all, with what he was planning, Kail didn't want too many witnesses. He had some humans to kill and an army to rebuild. Coming to stop at Number Four, Kail noted with detached disinterest that the house before him was quite bland. Any features that might have supplied some form of charm were lost due to the fact that when the Death Knight looked to his left and to his right, the neighboring houses looked exactly the same as the one before him. Before he could dwell any further on those thoughts, Kail prepared himself for a quick slaughter.

    The Death Knight activated his aura, noting with satisfaction that the grass around himself instantly began to wither and die. Striding gracefully to the door, Kail kicked it in, not even bothering with subtlety and entered the house; much to the shock of the family residing within.
Vernon Dursley, a beefy man man with an almost nonexistent neck, was preparing to enjoy yet another perfectly normal day after he and his family adjusted to the absence of his freakish nephew. Consequently, he was quite startled by the sound of someone smashing in his front door. With great effort, Vernon lifted himself off of his comfortable couch and waddled over to the foyer to give the impolite bastard a piece of his mind...
    ...Only to cry out in terror when he saw his supposedly dead nephew standing before him with a feral smirk on his face. Before the whale of a man could muster his voice for his planned tirade, his nephew spoke in a tone that chilled his blood.
    "Hello Uncle. Did you miss me?"
The laughter that followed could only be described as spine-chilling. Halted by the feeling of someone walking over his grave, Vernon was struck dumb momentarily before he recovered his ability to speak.
"FREAK! WHAT ARE DOING IN MY HOUSE! WHY THE BLOODY HELL COULDN'T YOU DO THE DECENT THING AND STAY AWAY!?" Vernon didn't bother watching his volume, he was too angry at seeing his freak of a nephew waltzing back into his perfect, normal life. He was, therefore, stunned when his nephew suddenly moved in the blink of an eye and wrapped his gloved left hand around what little there was of the man's throat. Any fear Vernon was beginning to process in his mind grew with his nephew's spine-chilling reply.
    "I'm here for your blood."

    Before Vernon could comprehend his nephew's words, he could only let out a gurgling noise as the freak pulled a sword, a claymore by the look of it, from his back and plunged it into the man's considerable gut. His body was then absently tossed to the side, where he lay in a crumpled heap and watched helplessly as black began creeping into his vision.

    Petunia Dursley was worried when she heard her husband's shouting. Surely the neighbors could make an assumption as to why Vernon was yelling, but he wasn't abusive to his family. She was then startled by the loud crash that rang through the house, and moving to see if Vernon was alright, screamed in terror. Her husband lay in a heap with blood pooling around his massive frame. Searching for the intruder, Petunia's eyes stared into the frigid blue-green eyes of her supposedly dead nephew. Before she could shriek for Dudley to phone the police, Harry grabbed her head and slammed it against the door frame she was was standing beside. Dazed, Petunia blinked to clear the stars in her vision before she felt cold steel tear through her chest. Looking down, Petunia was horrified to see her nephew's hand impaled in her chest. She could only gurgle as blood flooded her mouth as her nephew ripped her heart from her chest before the woman was tossed beside her now-dead husband.
    Dudley stomped his way downstairs when he heard the noise from his bedroom, and promptly soiled his trousers when he saw his parents dead on the floor and his cousin holding what appeared to be his mother's still beating heart before he crushed it in his hand. Before he could act, however, his cousin had turned around. Faster than Dudley could blink, his cousin swung the sword that seemed to come out of nowhere and sliced his head from his shoulders. The youngest Dursley's head managed to remain on his body until his legs, no longer receiving information from his brain, failed. As the body fell, Dudley's head rolled until it came to a stop at Kail's feet. As an afterthought, Kail crushed Dudley's head under his boot, splattering even more blood onto the walls and floor. Satisfied by the blood that he split, Kail turned and exited the house, only to pause when he heard a distinctive crack pierce the uncharacteristic silence of the suburb.
    Meanwhile, as Kail was busy slaughtering the Dursleys, in a castle far to the north, in the office of a certain Headmaster, a small cluster of whirring silver devices sputtered and died one by one before exploding, signifying that the wards around Privet Drive had fallen. In the Ministry for Magic, an alert sounded through a room situated with a map of the British Isles, with a pulsing point originating on Surrey. Aurors, whom had badges linked to that map, received the alert and immediately Apparated to Surrey to handle the case of magic used in a Muggle neighborhood.

    In downtown London, hidden by extensive wards and enchantments, a group of witches and wizards known as the Order of the Phoenix were similarly alerted to the magic used at Privet Drive. Tonks, as one of the Aurors who supported the Order, immediately moved outside the wards of Grimmauld Place in order to Apparate to Privet Drive with Sirius and Remus in tow. They arrived in the backyard of the Dursley home. Almost instantly, Remus felt the urge to gag as the scent of blood hung heavy in the air.

"What's wrong, Remus? Do you feel sick?" Tonks asked in concern, then she looked to her cousin Sirius and noticed that he too looked a little peckish.
    Sirius answered since Remus' sense of smell was overwhelming him, and while the pariah of the Noble and Ancient House of Black had a stronger sense of smell due to his Animagus form, it wasn't as sensitive as Remus'. "The scent of blood is heavy here, and Moony is being overwhelmed slightly since his sense of smell is far more sensitive than yours or even mine."
    Tonks nodded, and then suggested that they wait while Remus collected himself. When the werewolf did so, the trio moved into the house, and immediately all three had to fight the urge to vomit at the scene before them.
    The corpses of the three Dursleys disturbed the trio greatly, and Sirius grew worried that they had come too late to find his godson. However, all three paused when they heard the telltale crack of Apparition multiple times further up the road. Then came the voices.
    The three Order members exited the house, and after briefly wondering where the other residents of Privet Drive were, set off behind the Aurors at enough of a distance to ensure that they weren't spotted.
    "Spread out Aurors, if anyone of you finds Potter, discreetly signal for backup and we'll bring him in." the lead man who said this had an oily, sneering tone. All three Order members knew who he was: John Dawlish, the highest ranking Auror slated to lead the entirety of the Auror office in the Ministry, despite being fairly reviled. But, what he lacked in professional competence he more than made up for in political connections and brown-nosing.
    The Aurors spread out as ordered, and eventually the Order members followed one man whom had noticed a darkly dressed figure further down the street. The figure's back was to him, so neither the Auror nor his tails could see who it was, but they could barely make out the large sword strapped to the figure's back. When the black-clad figure turned around, all four magi noticed some of Harry Potter's facial features beneath the hood that covered the majority of his face. As he been instructed prior, the Auror signaled to his fellows, and with Dawlish taking the lead when they all gathered together, moved down the street to confront the errant wizard.
    "Harry Potter, for breaking the Statute of Secrecy and violating the Reasonable Decree for Underage Sorcery, I, Senior Auror John Dawlish, place you under arrest to await trial at the Ministry for Magic. It would be in your best interest to lay down your wand and come quietly." Dawlish spoke with shameless arrogance, clearly missing the signs that the Boy-Who-Lived had no intention of complying.
    In fact, Harry Potter cracked up in uproarious laughter when the Auror had finished his little speech, clearly unimpressed, if what his following words were anything to go by.
"Is that the best threat you can utter, wizard? Surely you can do better, but if not, consider this a lesson in intimidation. Turn around and walk back to your pathetic masters, before I paint this street with the blood of yourself and your little entourage and raise your corpses to be at my beck and call."
The ice in his words as well as the clear threat set everyone on edge. Sirius and Remus were dumbfounded by the way the child of their best friends spoke, while Tonks felt more than a little worried for her colleagues. Dawlish, however, rather unwisely got angry and started to sputter.
"Now see here, boy, you have no right to order your betters around. Now do as you were told and come quietly before we have to use force."
Another laugh escaped Harry's lips before saying,
"Just who do you think I am? I've never heard the name Harry Potter before, nor do I care that I apparently look like him, but I assure you, there is no one named Harry Potter here. Now, since your skull is too thick to heed simple words, I believe I will have to give a demonstration."
With that, an ominous blue glow surrounded "Not-Harry" and a terrifying suit of black-plated armor phased into existence around the teenager's body. Spikes and skulls adorned the pauldrons and gauntlets, while the entire ensemble glowed powerfully with runes nobody on Earth had ever seen before. Next, he reached behind him and drew the sword that was strapped to his back. The blade glowed with runes similar to the ones glowing on Harry's armor. With a decidedly sadistic smirk, Harry then began to move.
With a skill and grace that no one present knew he possessed, Harry calmly strode towards the Aurors before suddenly bisecting one unfortunate man in the time it took to blink. The last two living Marauders and Tonks watched in horror as Harry then systematically butchered the entire Auror team before any of them had a chance to react, let alone scream. His next act was to reanimate the dead bodies of the Aurors, even the one that had been cut in half, somehow stitched back together; before advancing on an extremely terrified Dawlish, whom had been frozen stock still when his men were slaughtered.
"Do I seem like this Harry Potter to you now, fool?" the black knight said in a tone that chilled hearts. Before Dawlish could answer, or better yet, splutter, the ghouls swarmed over him. The teeth of his former comrades tore at Dawlish's flesh, causing him to scream in agony as he was eaten alive. The Order members, hidden by some bushes, looked at each other horrified of what they were witnessing.
Just what happened to Harry? This question, along with hundreds of others, swam through the minds of the trio. Deciding that there was no point in staying, the three slipped away from the scene of Dawlish's gruesome end, and Disapparated. Upon arriving back at Grimmauld Place, Remus made a mad dash for the closest bathroom to empty the contents of his stomach. Sirius and Tonks, however, headed to the kitchen; once there, Sirius all but sprinted for the liquor cabinet and grabbed the first thing he could see: a bottle of aged Firewhiskey. He then grabbed three shot glasses and poured a generous amount of the alcohol into them. Placing the glasses and bottle on the table, Sirius sat down across from Tonks as Remus entered and took a seat next to her. Not seeing a need to speak just yet, the trio downed their shots at once before Sirius began refilling the glasses.
No words were exchanged as the whiskey flowed. Eventually, Sirius asked one of the questions that had been burning in all three of their minds.

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Introduction: Hello dear readers, the story you are about to read is one that has been bouncing around in my head as a plot bunny. It is partially based on the story Broken Chains by Darth Marrs. Although this is a Harry Potter/Warcraft crossover, the general idea of the story is based on the aforementioned story.
Summary: Nine weeks have passed since Harry Potter fell through the Veil of Death after he saved the life of his godfather Sirius Black. However, whether or not Harry is truly dead was thrown into question at the beginning of Sixth Year. It is then that Harry is suddenly thrown unconscious from the Veil. Later, it is shown that Harry is not entirely himself, as he believes himself to be from the world of Azeroth.
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Warcraft. I merely play in the sandboxes they've created. Also, I make no money off these stories, but if I did, I would be a rich man.
Note: Harry will start out this story VERY dark and EXTREMELY evil. However, with the help of Hermione Granger, he will eventually shift to more of a Dark but not evil alignment, as will his bushy-haired best friend. Dumbledore is good in this story, although he is manipulative and naïve. The Weasleys (Molly, Ginny, and Percy) will be bashed heavily.
Song of the Chapter: "Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold
"There's a taste of fear (hail, hail, hail)
When the henchmen call (hail, hail, hail)
Iron fist to tame the land (hail, hail, hail)
Iron fist to claim it all"
Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter nor Warcraft. If I did, Harry and Hermione would be married, as would Arthas Menethil and Jaina Proudmoore, and Arthas would not have become the Lich King. However, they are owned by J.K. Rowling and Blizzard Entertainment respectively. I just play in their sandboxes. And no, I do not profit from this story or any others I've written in any way, shape, or form.
Warning: This chapter will contain lots of blood and gore towards the end. If you get squeamish at the mention of exploding bodies and cannibalism, then DO NOT READ THIS! But, if you do read this, you may need a bucket for when you're done. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Prologue: From the Mouth of Hell

Veil Chamber, Department of Mysteries, Ministry for Magic

Sixty-three days.
Sixty-three days had passed since the battle in the Department of Mysteries; the battle that showed the wizarding world that Voldemort and the Death Eaters were not as beaten as everyone had foolishly believed. For Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, it felt more like an eternity. This feeling was more for Sirius than Remus. The reason for his grief and overall misery: it had also been sixty-three days since he lost his godson to the Veil. His godson, one Harry James Potter, had saved Sirius from a curse fired by his insane cousin Bellatrix Lestrange. In doing so, the not quite sixteen-year-old boy had put himself in the curse's path. When the curse hit, Harry lost his balance and fell into the Veil, to everyone's surprise and horror.
The Order of the Phoenix had just arrived to the Veil Chamber. The Order members, Sirius among them, began throwing spells as soon as they laid eyes on the Death Eaters. Sirius revealed himself first, waltzing up to Lucius Malfoy as his pup gave over the prophecy.
"Stay away from my Godson." Sirius snarled at Malfoy before launching a surprise right hook into the Death Eater's jaw, which knocked out Malfoy Senior. He then began throwing as many curses and other spells as he could as quickly as possible. He soon found himself fighting Bellatrix Lestrange. The deranged woman was throwing every lethal curse and spell she could, hoping to hit Sirius, who dodged them all.
"Come on cousin, you'll have to do better than that! What, did Voldemort finally put his bitch on a leash?" Sirius said tauntingly. Deep down, he knew better than to be throwing insults at his opponent, but he also knew that his cousin's accuracy decreased when her temper rose. He was so busy insulting her that he didn't notice the green light of the Killing Curse bearing down on him. Sirius probably would have been hit too, if it weren't for one thing.
Harry James Potter.
Sirius' godson had seen the curse coming through his peripheral vision, and disengaging the revived Malfoy, rushed to his godfather. The raven-haired youth got there in time to knock Sirius out of the curse's path, but didn't have enough time to evade it himself. The Killing Curse hit Harry dead center of the chest, and before Sirius could do anything, Harry tripped over one of the rocks surrounding the Veil. The Boy-Who-Lived lost his balance and fell backwards, right into the Veil.
Faster than thought humanly possible, Sirius sprang up and attempted to pull his godson out of the Veil, but he was too late. Harry's torso had already disappeared through the Veil, and before he could grab his pup's leg, Remus rushed in and stopped his friend from following Harry into the Veil.
Sirius couldn't believe his eyes. Harry was gone, and it was his fault. Grief-stricken, Sirius fell to his knees before letting an anguished howl. Sirius was soon shouting a mantra of "NO!" as the weight of his godson's death fully sank in. Finally, Sirius composed himself enough to return to fighting, but he had tears in his grey eyes as he fought. These tears threatened to cloud his vision, but he would not release them until the battle was over.
He would cry for Harry, his beloved pup, later.
(End Flashback)
"How long do you plan on doing this to yourself Sirius? Isn't what happened to our pup punishment enough?" Remus asked, concerned for his only living friend.
"I will keep coming here until his birthday. He deserved so much more than what fate dealt him. I had already failed him once when I went after that rat Pettigrew instead of doing my duty to him as his godfather. Now, I failed him once again since that battle nine weeks ago. It's the only thing I have left to remember him by." Sirius said solemnly. His voice was brittle and dead sounding, when once it had been jovial and carefree in tone. Remus could not help but feel saddened himself. After all, Harry was his responsibility as well, and he too had failed the son of his best friends James and Lily. Merlin, they're probably rolling in their graves now. I won't be surprised if Lily goes mad and kills both Sirius and I in the afterlife for our failure.
Remus was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he almost didn't notice the flash of light that burst through the Veil. Almost being the operative word, as Remus did notice, and he grabbed Sirius before he could get hurt by whatever the light was about to throw out. Just as the light began to fade out, a figure went flying out of it before slamming into the chamber wall, hard.
When the light winked out, Moony and Padfoot cautiously moved to the site of the body.
What they found left them speechless.
Lying in the Veil Chamber lay Harry James Potter in the flesh. He was unconscious, which itself was a surprise if one considered how hard Harry was tossed into the wall. Rushing over to his godson, Sirius almost had Harry in his arms before he was knocked back by a group of Unspeakables. Their actions had Sirius raving mad.
"What the bloody hell are you playing at? That's my Godson unconscious there!" Sirius barked out, enraged that the Ministry workers interfered with him looking after his Godson.
"Mr. Potter just emerged from the Veil of Death; we must study him and ensure that he isn't contaminated."
"Like hell you are! Nobody lays a hand on my Godson until he's been treated by St. Mungo's Healers!"
Sirius and the Unspeakables argued like this for several minutes until Kingsley Shacklebolt arrived. The Auror cast an overpowered noisemaker spell to silence the two belligerent groups. Then, in a deep, booming voice, Kingsley spoke.
"What's going on here?" the dark-skinned Auror demanded.
Remus, who had been quiet since Harry emerged from the Veil, began to explain, since Sirius was too emotionally high-strung to respond properly.
"Sirius and I were here to pay our respects to Harry after he fell through the Veil nine weeks ago. However, as we came today for this almost regular occurrence, Harry was thrown out of the Veil. When Sirius went to check on him, the Unspeakables here knocked Sirius back, claiming that Harry needed to be studied when he really needs medical attention."
Kingsley nodded to Remus before saying,
"Very well, let's get Mr. Potter to St. Mungo's. Croaker, if a situation arises where the Unspeakables are needed, we'll let you know. Until then, stay away from Mr. Potter until the Healers at St. Mungo's have checked him over."
The Unspeakable known as Croaker reluctantly nodded to the senior Auror before sweeping out of the chamber with his fellows. Kingsley then turned to Sirius and said,
"Sirius, I know that you will want to celebrate your Godson's return from the Veil, but I must ask you to refrain from doing anything that will publicize Mr. Potter's return. I have a feeling that Harry may not be all that he seems."
Kingsley then conjured a Patronus and began speaking.
"Go to St. Mungo's. Tell the first Healer you see to come to the Department of Mysteries Veil Chamber. We have a patient who needs to evaluated and possibly treated by a Mind Healer."
The lynx Patronus shot off to the wizarding hospital. When the Healer arrived ten minutes later, the next process began. At first, the Healer was shocked to see Harry Potter lying unconscious on the chamber floor, but she soon remembered her duty and lifted the catatonic boy onto a conjured stretcher.
"What happened, exactly?" the Healer, named Miranda Sheridan, asked the three men with her.
Sirius explained,
"Remus Lupin and I have been coming to this chamber to pay our respects to Harry for the last nine weeks. Surely you read the Prophet about what happened then."
The Healer nodded in confirmation, remembering the greatest tragedy to strike the wizarding population of England. Voldemort's return had been made official, proving Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore correct as they had been saying the Dark Lord had been back since June of last year. But, since then-Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge refused to believe the Boy-Who-Lived and the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, The Daily Prophet had waged a Ministry-sponsored smear campaign against the two wizards.
Then, nine weeks ago, six Hogwarts students had broken into the Ministry for Magic when Harry Potter believed that the Dark Lord had captured Sirius Black. Upon arriving in the Department of Mysteries, they had been accosted by Death Eaters led by Lucius Malfoy. Fighting between the six students and twelve Death Eaters broke out, and the combat was soon being fought in the Veil Chamber, where the six Hogwarts students were reinforced by Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix, Sirius Black among them, much to the surprise of the gathered Ministry officials. As the fighting intensified, the Prophet reported, Harry Potter was knocked into the Veil of Death after saving his Godfather Sirius' life. The Boy-Who-Lived's death came as a shock, and left many people to believe that nothing would stop Voldemort from winning this war.
But now, it seemed that wizarding England could stand a chance since Harry Potter was back. However, something seemed…off, about the Boy-Who-Lived. Instead of dwelling on her musings, Miranda took the unresponsive Harry through the Floo to St. Mungo's Hospital. When they arrived, Miranda took Harry to the Spell Damage ward after making sure that no one saw her. Unfortunately, someone did see her bring in Harry, and news still got out that Harry Potter had returned from Beyond through the Veil of Death.
What they didn't know was that while Harry looked like himself, his mind and psyche were an entirely different story. Meanwhile, in the administrative level of the Ministry, trouble was brewing. And that trouble was named Delores Jane Umbridge.

Ministry for Magic, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister's Office

Delores Jane Umbridge was in a very foul mood. This wasn't really saying much, since she had been held hostage by the Centaurs around Hogwarts when Harry Potter led the Ministry Six to the Department of Mysteries. Upon her return to the Ministry, she found herself suspended without pay while the Department of Magical Law Enforcement began a criminal investigation against her. The human toad was furious, and had complained to Cornelius Fudge, but the soon-to-be former Minister for Magic was powerless to do anything, since he too was under investigation and had been promptly sacked after Voldemort's return had been publicized by the Wizengamot.
It all came down to Harry Potter. Umbridge incorrectly believed that the boy's actions were what brought her current misfortune. She conveniently forgot that she had tortured Hogwarts students under her supervision with blood quills and illegally used Veritaserum on those students. However, as she stewed in her anger, Umbridge almost didn't notice her assistant poke her head through the door.
"Madam Umbridge? Lady Narcissa Malfoy is here to see you."
"Well what are you waiting for? Show the lady in damn you!" Umbridge snapped in frustration. The assistant showed Narcissa in while silently celebrating the fact that her boss was going to be locked away in Azkaban until she died. It was no secret that Delores Umbridge was a reviled figure in the Ministry. Umbridge, along with Cornelius Fudge, were among the chief instigators of most of the pro-Pureblood legislation passed through the Wizengamot. Both were so bigoted and narrow-minded that they almost single-handedly ruined the wizarding world, not that they were the only ones responsible.
Once inside Umbridge's office, Lady Malfoy turned to the repulsive toad and said,
"It seems unfair that an upstanding Pureblood like you is being criminally investigated while all those filthy Mudbloods and Half-Bloods run amok through Hogwarts."
Umbridge could not help but agree with that statement, no matter how backward and racist it actually was. However, Narcissa's next statement made Umbridge perk up in anticipation.
"That is not why I came here today though. You see, rumor has it that Harry Potter has been admitted to St. Mungo's Hospital after being thrown out of the Veil in the Department of Mysteries. Nobody knows how the boy achieved such a feat, but if someone were to…ah, deal with the boy…before he wakes, that person would receive a substantial reward for eliminating a threat to our world."
Umbridge's eyes lit up with greedy, malicious fervor. If I can sneak into that filthy half blood's room, then I can kill him in his sleep. I can save the wizarding world from his idiocy. Then, only those of pure blood will use magic, no more Mudblood upstarts will challenge me. Umbridge thought maliciously, not caring about the pejorative comments that she was making. Besides, she was Senior Undersecretary to the Minister, and the toad felt confident that she would remain so. Killing Harry Potter would be a great boost to her prestige, hell; she might even become the next Minister.
Umbridge was so engrossed in her own plots and schemes that she didn't notice Narcissa leave her office. Then, after about an hour of planning, Umbridge too left her office, just as a memo from newly elected Minister for Magic Amelia Bones was passing her secretary's desk. She headed straight for St. Mungo's, bypassing all the nurses and Healers as she made her way to Harry Potter's room.

Spell Damage Ward, St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

Delores Jane Umbridge, in her mind, was about to right a great wrong to Wizarding society. After using illegal Legilimency on a passing mediwitch, the very same one who saw her target being brought in, Umbridge was able to find out where Harry Potter was staying in the hospital. Now, here she was, standing outside the brat's door with his bodyguards incapacitated. Taking a few moments to calm her emotions, Umbridge opened the door and entered the sleeping boy's room after putting a sleeping spell on the Aurors guarding the boy's door. Then, turning to the boy and raising her wand, Umbridge sneered with false sincerity,
"While I may regret this later in life, Mr. Potter, I do believe that it is for the greater good that you do not leave this hospital alive. I do this for the Ministry, and for Cornelius."
The next thing Umbridge knew, she was choking on air as if something had been stuck in her throat. Had she actually minded her surroundings, Umbridge would have noticed that there was a set of silvery blue green eyes staring at her with an unimpressed air. However, the only thing she did feel was the suffocating pressure building in her throat. She soon fell to her knees, gagging on seemingly on her own spittle. Coughing, Umbridge finally managed to dislodge whatever was in her throat, only to look in horror as a large clump of blood splattered on the floor. Then, the sound of rustling sheets reached her ears, and Umbridge looked up with fearful eyes to see Potter rising from his hospital bed.

Lord Kail Bloodfang, Death Knight of the Scourge, Right Hand of the Lich King, Lord of the great Necropolis Shanaxxaras, awoke to an unfamiliar sight. He was in a room bathed in so much white that had he been living he would have vomited. Then, he was greeted by an even stranger sight as he opened his eyes: a human that more closely resembled a toad than anything else. This toad woman was dressed in an atrociously hideous pink cardigan and was pointing a wooden stick at him. Who the hell is this woman? Wait here's a better question: Considering her pathetically small magical core how is she even capable of wielding a wand? What is she going to do with it, try to kill me? When the toad spoke, her tone was so sickening and simpering that he dearly wished to rip out her vocal cords and start whipping her with them. A small part of him wondered who this "Mr. Potter" was, but Kail honestly didn't care a whit.
"While I may regret this later in life, Mr. Potter, I do believe that it is for the greater good that you do not leave this hospital alive. I do this for the Ministry, and for Cornelius."
Already bored of her mini-speech, Kail wordlessly sent a curse to strangulate her with her own blood to silence that irritating voice for the moment.
When the toad fell to the floor choking, Kail sat up, getting a better look of his surroundings. He was in a healing chamber of some sort. Then, he swung his legs over his bed, set them on the floor, and stood.
Well, he tried to stand. Kail soon found himself lying awkwardly on the ground, suffering from the effects of muscular atrophy, leaving the Death Knight stunned. How is this possible? I'm a Death Knight! I do not suffer from muscular atrophy! Kail internally raged. Finally, after taking a few moments to calm himself down, Kail slowly got onto his hands and knees and began to crawl towards the toad-woman, who was coming to. When he reached her, Kail ground out,
"Where am I, you pathetic excuse of a human?"
Umbridge was utterly and indignantly confused by Kail's statement, and made that confusion vocal, though that soon proved to be a bad idea.
"What to you mean, 'where am I'? And who are you calling a pathetic excuse of a human? I'm a pureblooded witch; I will not tolerate being insulted by a little half-breed upstart who thinks himself a hero!" While not as high-pitched and annoying as before, she still managed to sound like a screeching banshee.
Kail came very close to howling with laughter at this pathetic little toad. But, he kept himself in check before letting some of his patience slip.
"I don't have time for your games, bitch, so if you don't start answering my questions, I will rip your heart out of your chest and shove it down your throat." Kail snarled viciously. The look of pure hatred and unbridled bloodlust on his face sent shivers down his prisoner's spine.
"Now, I ask you again: What world am I currently on?"
Umbridge was truly frightened by Potter's threat. So, showing what she hoped was her Slytherin cunning for the first time in her life, Umbridge said,
"You're on Earth, sir."
She hoped that she sounded convincing enough, but the look on Potter's face told her she failed miserably. His next words confirmed that fear.
"I'm not convinced by your little act of submission, though your words speak the truth. However, since you actually thought you could kill me where I lay, I will make your death that much worse." Kail said as he rose to a kneeling position. Then, with lightning-quick reflexes, Kail's hand snapped out, tearing through the flesh in her chest, and ripped out the still-beating heart of Delores Umbridge. Seconds before she died, Umbridge watched in abject horror as Potter bit a chunk of flesh out of her still-beating heart and drank some of the blood that came gushing out before he forcefully opened her mouth and shoved her heart down her throat. Her body was then so brutally mutilated by Kail's unholy magic that she would be almost unrecognizable when he finished.
As he bit into the heart, Kail had an almost overpowering urge to gag at how watered-down the woman's energy was. This was the part he hated the most about this form of necromantic healing; it made him feel absolutely filthy afterwards. However, he could not deny the benefits as his magic began to repair his weakened body. He let his power course through, using the blood of the toad-woman to rebuild his muscles. Placing his hand on the woman's now silent chest, Kail reached in and pulled the woman's soul from her body. Then, with gleeful malice, Kail consumed the woman's soul, absorbing the meager amount of magic that she once carried. Once the magic did its work, Kail was closer to the way he had been before he woke up in this strange healing room.
Then, using some of his revitalized magic, Kail called his blade and armor to him. The effects were felt almost instantaneously, and soon Kail was dressed in robes of the blackest night while his runeblade, named Borogurth, appeared strapped across his back, while his belt appeared on his waist. Kail's armor condensed itself into its collar form, ready to be revealed at a moment's notice. The only parts of Kail's armor that were left exposed were his belt, gauntlets, and his boots, rather artfully crafted pieces of black Saronite that were enchanted to amplify the Death Knight's already formidable strength and speed.
After extracting the toad-woman's memories of this world's locations, Kail made his way to the door. However, just before he exited, Kail took the woman's wand, snapped it, and tossed it back in. He then used a small amount of his power to make the woman's corpse swell up to the size of a massive pumpkin, before channeling that power to make the body explode, painting the room with blood, which Kail then infected with a plague of his own design. Satisfied with his work, Kail exited the room, shut the door, and slipped undetected out of the hospital past the sleeping mages that were evidently guarding the door.
As Kail left the building, his only thoughts were,
These humans are such pathetic fools.
Two Hours Later, Spell Damage Ward, St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
Nymphadora Tonks, though she absolutely hated that name, was the first to wake from her enchanted sleep. When the spell wore off completely, Tonks then turned to her two partners and woke them with a quick Enervate.
"Come on, we should check on Harry and see how he's doing." She said to the men. They nodded their agreement and moved towards the door. After making sure nobody was nearby, Tonks opened the door…
…and began screaming like a banshee at the sight before her. Her screams alerted the St. Mungo's staff, who rushed to the room, and the first Healer on-scene soon ran to the nearest loo before the contents of his stomach emptied right on the floor. Inside the room beheld the most gruesome scene anyone in the hospital had ever seen.
The room was bathed in blood. So much blood, in fact, that many people almost didn't see the tattered pink cardigan or the broken wand lying inside the largest pool of blood in the middle of the floor. Another Healer rushed out of the room, but this one called the Ministry, asking for a team of Unspeakables to come investigate. When the Unspeakables led by Croaker arrived, they immediately quarantined the room. Unfortunately, one of the hospital janitors, who had been dragged in from all the excitement, accidentally touched some of the plagued blood with his hand. He didn't feel any different, but the poor man would soon cause the outbreak of the worst plague to strike England since the Black Death of 1347.
While the Unspeakables were attempting to quarantine the room, Tonks and the other Order members were conducting their own investigation. Since all three Order of the Phoenix members were Aurors, they received full cooperation from the hospital staff. The Aurors failed to gather any meaningful information from the staff, so Tonks resigned herself to heading to the upcoming Order meeting with no more news about Harry except that he'd disappeared.

12 Grimmauld Place, London, England

Upon her arrival, Tonks found herself looking into the desperate face of her cousin Sirius.
"Nymph, has something happened at St. Mungo's? Did those bastard Unspeakables take Harry before the Healers could treat him?"
Sirius rattled off the questions so quickly that Tonks almost didn't catch them. After a moment of thought, Tonks finally managed to find her voice.
"No, Sirius, the Unspeakables didn't take Harry. But, Delores Umbridge somehow caught wind of Harry being returned to our world and went to St. Mungo's in an attempt to kill him."
Sirius became wildly enraged at Umbridge, and Tonks soon found out that her favorite cousin got quite colorful in his speech when he was well and truly riled. The pejorative words and colloquial phrases he used Tonks had almost never heard of, but she did catch several mentions of the words "bitch", "dipshit Ministry trash", and "piece of shit toad cunt". After several minutes of constant swearing, Sirius calmed down enough to ask Tonks,
"Was the toad bitch able to do anything to Harry?"
Here, Tonks' face lost some color as she replied,
"That's just the thing; she wasn't able to get a spell off on Harry. Umbridge had spotted us when she went to the hospital to keep watch over Harry and cast a sleeping spell on Kingsley, Sturgis, and myself when we were posted there. Twenty minutes later, I recovered from the spell and enervated the other two. When I said that we should check on Harry, I opened the door to his room and found it bathed in blood. It was horrific Sirius. There were smouldering pieces of body parts strewn all over the room, and I almost missed that hideous pink cardigan Umbridge was known to wear."
"So the toad's dead then?" Sirius asked after Tonks stopped herself before the remainder of her composure escaped her. Tonks nodded grimly before saying the sentence that left Sirius speechless.
"Yes, Umbridge is dead; but that's not the only thing. Harry vanished shortly after Umbridge died, which means the only logical conclusion is that Harry killed the toad before disappearing."
Sirius could not believe his ears. His beloved pup, returned to him by the grace of the gods above, murdered a woman in cold blood. The Lord of the Noble and Ancient House of Black could not conceive the notion of his Godson killing anyone, no matter how detestable the person had been. No, it's not possible. Harry doesn't have the cruelty to murder someone in cold blood. There must be another explanation. Sirius was so lost in thought that he didn't register Remus entering the kitchen. He also barely registered Tonks continuing her report.
"I was so horrified by the scene that lay in Harry's room at St. Mungo's that I started screaming blue murder until at least half of the hospital staff came rushing in. One Healer was so disgusted and horrified that he vomited on the floor as soon as he saw the carnage. Another one ran off to Floo-call the Ministry, who sent Croaker and a team of Unspeakables to investigate. They immediately quarantined the room, and as I attempted to piece together what happened, I saw Umbridge's wand lying broken beside her bloodied pink cardigan. As much as it pains me to say it, there is no other evidence that suggests that someone else killed Umbridge. Harry and she were the only people in the room at the time of her death, so Harry had to have been the killer. The fact that his magical signature was the only one traced only adds credence to that conclusion."
Silence reined as Tonks finished her report. Sirius, for his part, did not want to believe Tonks, but a more rational part of him knew his cousin was speaking the truth. Sighing, Sirius finally broke the uncomfortable silence and said,
"Well, let's go tell the old codger Dumbledore the news. Lord knows he won't like it."
As the trio entered the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, Tonks' words were proven true the minute she began her report on St. Mungo's and Harry's condition.
Predictably, the gathered Order of the Phoenix members were quite upset by Tonks' report. Molly Weasley and Albus Dumbledore, in particular, were quite distressed to hear of what Harry had done. Molly, believing and considering Harry to be another son in her eyes, couldn't see how the kind-hearted and shy boy could murder anyone in cold blood, even if that person was Delores Umbridge. Dumbledore, on the other hand, felt that Harry was beginning to become more like Tom, despite the guidance he had given the boy since he arrived at Hogwarts five years ago.

And that's a wrap.
I apologize for the cliffhanger, but it seemed appropriate to leave off where I did. This way, I leave the Order's reaction to what Sirius, Remus, and Tonks have to say to the interpretation of the readers.
After reviewing what I had written so far, and looking at the reviews that this story has already gained, I noticed that my story may have been following the premise of Broken Chains a little too closely. I hope that the slight edits I have made will show some differences between my story and theirs.
Originally, I was going to have Harry romantically paired with Hermione and Daphne in a triad relationship, however with what I have in mind for the story, I realized that I would have to alter the characters to the point of being completely OOC. For Harry, this isn't a problem, as undeath would indeed lead to massive changes in someone's personality to the point they seem to be completely different people. Hermione, on the other hand, is a frighteningly intelligent young woman with a heart of gold and a very logical worldview. She is also deeply committed to the light side of magic and sees anything considered even remotely dark as unrepentantly evil. Necromancy and the runic magic that Harry/Kail will be using are, to the wizards of Earth, considered the blackest of all Dark Magic.


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